This is the third part in a 4 part series. Part two: Interviewing, part 2️⃣. YZ + Triplebyte..

So far, my interview process has gone well. Since my last post, I had a Facebook phone screen, and two Apple phone screens, all of which turned into onsites.

My current schedule is the following:

There are three interesting developments. The first is that all of my phone screens have turned into onsites. Very exciting.

Secondly, I’ve received an offer from both Uber teams. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview process. Both positions are very high-impact. I’m very excited to receive both offers.

I don’t know the offer details yet. Uber intelligently chooses not to reveal the offer details until I’m able to make a decision within a week. It looks like the earliest I can make a decision is January 18th.

The third development is that my interview class, Outco ended December 19th. This causes me some anxiety. The impact Outco has on me is huge. My interviewing skills are so much better now than when I started the class.

The largest benefit the class provided me (I’d guess that this is the primary benefit for my classmates also) was that it kept me accountable. Now, I don’t have that accountability structure in place, and I may have an interview on January 15th, which is 20 days away. I’m concerned that I won’t keep up with my prepping during this time.

To counteract that, I’m attending the Outco alumni lectures. I’m also working on additional problems I didn’t complete earlier on in the program.

Uber Seattle Trip

I stayed at the Thompson Hotel, right next to the Pike’s Fish Market.

Fish market.

I tried 3 restaurants while I was there. Each one was stellar. The hotel restaurant was the best.

Hotel restaurant.

A lot of these companies use a travel service, Pana, for booking travel for interviewees. Pana left me a handwritten note upon checkout. Very impressive.

Pana note.

Imgur SF Trip

I really enjoyed this interview.

My recruiter at Imgur is John Cronin. He has an infectiously positive attitude.

I was connected to Imgur through Triplebyte. Triplebyte understandably books all of their interviews for one city in one trip. The earliest I can get an uninterrupted block of days to do all my Triplebyte SF interviews is Jan 7th-11th, and John didn’t want to wait that long.

He elected to have Imgur pay for my travel so I could interview sooner. I connected with each member of the team - it was a fun atmosphere. This is another very high impact position. The engineer-to-user ratio is extremely high.

They’re located in Jackson Square, which is a much nicer area of SF than I’ve ever seen. The sidewalks were urine-less.

This is the third part in a 4 part series. Part four: Interviewing, part 4️⃣. Facebook..