This is a brief list of various things I’ve made over the years, in reverse-chronological order.


Two Squared

The first non-custodial Bitcoin credit card. Get your own physical card for free. two squared

I had trouble finding a Huracan to buy. I made a simple video-only typeform so someone can sell me their Huracan. sell huracan

Music on Portal from Facebook

Supported and built on the various music players on Portal such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Deezer, and more. portal


Portal from Facebook (iOS + Android)

The Portal app lets you display your favorite photos, create and share albums with loved ones and make calls directly to Portal, all right from your phone.

A React Native app we created and launched; +4.5 star rating across both platforms. It’s the companion mobile iOS and Android app for our Portal device. portal app



Lock your ETH for as long as you want so you are forced to HODL. I locked my ETH away for two years and 5.7x’ed.



Teleport™ is a first-person drone flight experience powered by intuitive body movement. Leverage your innate sense of space, lean in the direction you want to fly, and minimize motion sickness.

Basically, place your phone in a Google Cardboard headset (the phone is sitting right in front of your eyes). It displays the video feed from your drone; tilt your head forward to move the drone forward, tilt right to make it fly right, etc.

It’s pretty fun.


VANS Employee App

  • It contains the mobile iOS inventory management system for VANS and North Face, utilized by more than 140 employees across 20+ VANS stores.
  • Architected Core Data and AWS AppSync broadcast system that manages 450,000 item VANS catalog to ensure that inventory is kept in-sync even when users are offline.


7-Eleven 7️⃣1️⃣1️⃣

iOS Lead on team of four.

Finally released as of 9/6/2017! Experiencing a 99.995% crash-free rate. Still fixing bugs and writing new features.

Take the convenience of 7-Eleven everywhere you go with this new app. It puts savings in your pocket so every trip is more affordable, and rewards you for coming back so every trip is more enjoyable.

2016 and before


ZAPS⚡️lets you create what is basically a public snapchat story for any location. It’s like Yik Yak with video.

Filter Mason

Build geo filters for Snapchat with Filter Mason! Easily drag together a filter template and stickers, or entirely create one of your own.

Walk-in Theater 📽

In Walk-in Theater, you get to experience a 3D environment that you “walk through”, and enjoy spatialized audio playing from multiple 2D video panes.

Walk-in Theater displayed on the iPad

Walk-in Theater™ is an experiment with peripatetic perspective, engaging participants’ proprioceptors and spatial memory to orient themselves as they navigate among multiple video streams in a 3D sound field.

Departing from one-way linear cinema played on a single rectangular screen, this multi-channel virtual environment pursues a cinematic paradigm that undoes habitual ways of framing things, employing architectural concepts in a polylinear video/sound construction to create a kind of experience that lets the world reveal itself and permits discovery on the part of visitors.

Improvising on techniques of polylinear perspective long explored in Japanese painting and landscape design, Rachel Strickland’s Emptiness Can Hold Things establishes a new vocabulary for the cinematic construction of a sense of place. Cycle By is the first of six Kyoto location studies in this interactive video series. Amidst intervals and thresholds of an urban landscape, at the confluence of two rivers there is a parallel universe perceived by bicyclists. The scene on any spring weekend unrolls like a picture scroll.

Letters of the Alphabet with Fluffy 👶🏼

Learn the letters and sounds of the Alphabet with the help of Fluffy! Simple and fun, Fluffy engages your child with positive reinforcement throughout the app.

Movere Fit 🏋🏼‍♀️

Movere Fit is a system for tracking the correlation between your student’s athletic performance, their GPA, and more.

The data collected shows their movement through the “profiency bands” defined by Movere Fit. The data holds important information that directs students, parents and teachers to address areas of needed improvement.

Puppy 🐶 or Bagel 🍩

I had a challenge for myself to create and submit a game to the app store in 8 hours. On the day of the challenge, a puppy or bagel meme blew up on the internet, made by teenybiscuit.

It’s an album of puppies and bagels and it’s hard to determine which is which 😋.

In the game, you have to tap either all the puppies or all the bagels in a short amount of time. That’s it 😛