I am currently available for engagement.

I live in Austin, working on various crypto projects.

I previously worked on a contract basis, focusing on Swift iOS development, specializing in Augmented Reality work. I’ve also done a considerable amount of work with video (static, 3D, and live).

Notable Clients + Colleagues 💫

Mark Cuban Mark Cuban, Investor. Put radio on the internet.

Josh Baer Josh Baer, Mentor. Founder of Capital Factory.

Bob Metcalfe Bob Metcalfe, Mentor. Inventor of Ethernet, creator of Metcalfe’s Law.

7-Eleven 7-Eleven, Client. Convenience store conglomerate.

In the News 🗞


The BodyNav system I created with Eric Bear is featured on VentureBeat. It is also featured on Business Wire and VRFocus.

December 2017

7-Eleven tests out doing delivery + pickup in store. Featured on many websites, including The Verge.

Personal Timeline ⏳

Note: This is the timeline of my business life and not relevant to contract work.

I became an entrepreneur at a very young age.

In 2008: I started helping companies outsource their work to the Philippines and other countries. Simultaneously, in 2009 I started search engine consulting. In 2012, I founded my first true startup, Frolic.

In August of 2013, I started my first venture, MSpaces. We provided a variety of fully furnished living for temporary stays in Austin.

In the beginning of 2015, I started ZAPS, my first iOS app. ZAPS allowed you to post what is similar to a snapchat public story for every location (your school has its own story, the bar downtown does etc.).

Since then, I’ve done freelance work as an iOS engineer. Most of the projects tend to focus on video (live, static, 3D, etc.), but I’ve worked across many domains.

You can read more on my LinkedIn.