Iā€™m currently interviewing for several companies. At the moment, I have the following scheduled:



Recruiter Call

I have completed 6 practice interviews with the following results:


Passed: 2/5 (Top 5%)

  • First, 09/17/18 āŒ
  • Second, 10/01/18 āœ…
  • Third, 11/01/18 āŒ
  • Fourth, 11/19/18 āœ…
  • Fifth, 11/20/18 āŒ


Passed: 1/1 (Top 15%)

Their feedback: Triplebyte feedback

Iā€™m currently in Outco, a 5 week class for interview prep. You can choose to pay a small amount and a percentage of your pay after you get a job, or pay a flat rate of $5000. I chose the flat rate.

[1] This will be addressed in part 2.

This is the first part in a 4 part series. Part two: Interviewing, part 2ļøāƒ£. YZ + Triplebyte.