On February 13th, 2019 I wrote a post telling everyone how I chose working at Facebook over Uber. It was a coin flip for me.

As of today, choosing Facebook over Uber made me $92,720 in one year. It is, by far, the best financial decision of my life.

People rarely reflect on their non-decisions (“What would my life be like if I went left at that fork in the road?”). This is a particularly clear-cut example of one that went well.

The Offers

I thought I left money on the table. My Uber recruiter gave me a range of expected IPO share prices. Anywhere from $45-67 per share. That range seemed plausible.

January 18th, 2019 was when I officially accepted my offer. At this point, $FB was at a historical low of $150.04, due to Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook stock price

Based on these prices, with state income tax included (Uber team was in Seattle, WA, with no state tax), the Uber offer was worth $25,036 more in the first year. I also thought Uber had better growth potential. Here is the CA state tax:

state tax

And here are the two offers compared:

offers The value in the equity rows is given over four years.

Fast Forward, 10 Months

Today, Uber’s employee lockup ends. It’s been 6 months since their IPO and their stock has been on a continual decline.

uber price

Their price is now at a record low, $27.05. Facebook’s stock happens to be doing well, and is now at $192.04:

fb current price

Now, here are the two offers compared:

offers current

Flipping A Coin

It is very surprising that my most significant positive financial event essentially came down to a coin flip. People rarely get a clear-cut comparison like this under such a short time frame.

In a way, it is freeing. You can work really hard, but ultimately life is up to chance. It gives me the same feeling as Steve Jobs’ speech about always remembering that you will die.