A startup I would like to make: I wear an always-on microphone.

It records all my conversations. All my phone calls are recorded. The recordings are fed into an AWS S3/Glacier instance. They’re automatically transcribed.

Then, I can search a Google-like interface. Stuff like “login Sergii 1:1”.

The service has my contacts and calendar, so knows who Sergii is (my manager) and when my last 1:1 was. We discussed changes that need to happen to the login view. It pulls up those action points for me.

Of course, the recordings will be fed location metadata by my phone, so I can search based on location.

Obviously, the big problem is that it will freak other people out. They will worry about what to say, or will outright not talk. Maybe this works well in specific business situations, I don’t know which though.

Josh Baer has been experimenting with always wearing a camera. But for work situations, that visual information is way less valuable.

Eventually, society will be ok with it. And that’s how we get unlimited, perfect memory!

You will never need to take notes. In sci-fi, you get perfect memory by implanting a chip in your brain. In reality, it will be from this.