I like to do 30 Day Challenges where I have an accountability partner.

If my 30 day challenge is to go to the gym every day, I have to take a picture of myself in the gym and send it to my partner. My partner will have a similar sort of task to do every day and send.

Last time, at the end, I created a nice GIF of all the pictures I took.

I’m writing an app to enforce this.

Enter your email and I’ll let you know when it’s ready:


All it does is let you pair up with a friend. Each of you has to upload a picture of you doing your challenge (can be whatever, gym, studying) every day, for 30 days.

Here’s a day where we both did our gym challenge:

gym challenge

All you can do is upload a pic/vid of you achieving your challenge, and see what your friend has uploaded.


If you forget, you see a frowning face to remind you to get your shit together.


At the end of your 30 day challenge, you get a nice compilation of y’all’s uploads and a chart showing who did the best.

30 day challenge gif

Why Am I Doing This

Skip if uninterested.

Facebook does not fuck around when they say “Move Fast and Break Things”. I want to get better at building stuff in the fastest way possible. I’m forcing myself to make some side projects as quickly as I can. I don’t care if no one uses them, or if existing apps do it.

I time all the work I do. At this time of writing, I’ve worked on this project 10.25 hours. I’d like to have this shippable in under 40 hours.