In the interest of always being open, I’m going to post my income over the past few years.


In 2017, I had my best year yet. I did the 7-Eleven App, and work for monkeyMEDIA. On my personal return, I showed an income of $183,755.

2017 income

It was actually more than that, because some of the income went to my LLC, of which I am the sole owner. Crucially, all of this was in Texas, I had lots of business-related expenses, so my overall tax paid was very low, $41,251 or an effective tax rate of 22.45%.

As a result, I reached a savings goal of $150,000! I was mainly able to accomplish this because I just signed a cheap lease before my contract started, and was able to keep a low cost of living.


In 2018, I moved to Hollywood. I bought a G Wagon:

G Wagon, black

I immediately got it wrapped in gold chrome:

G Wagon, gold

And increased my spending immensely:


While I was in Hollywood, I didn’t do very many paid contracts:

(2018 income) 2018 income

Resulting in a hilariously large decrease in income:

2017 to 2018 comparison


Now, in 2019, I’ve started my career at Facebook. My total compensation is:

  • Salary: $160,000
  • Equity: $325,000 over 4 years, or $81,250 per year
  • Signing Bonus: $60,000

Average Yearly: $241,250

Average After-Tax Yearly: $144,750

Due to the cost of living, California state income tax, and lack of tax deductions as an employee, I’m approximately in the same after-tax income range as in 2017. I’m working on reducing my spending to that level as well.