I’m currently prepping for FAANG interviews. They all have very specific, academic interviews.

The questions are along the lines of:

Write a function that returns a Bool representing if an array of strings can be combined to create a target string. For example, given ["one", "two", "cat", "dog"] and a target string of "onecat", return true.

"oneonecat" // true
"dogtwo" // true
"dotwo" // false
"onetwothree" // false

You write out your answer on a whiteboard, speaking aloud in a pair-programming style.

These questions are esoteric and rarely used in real-life. They’re covered in the seminal book, Cracking the Coding Interview.

I’m learning how to solve these algorithmic questions using a unique iPad-only flow. I keep the iPad in split-screen with InterviewCake on the left and Swift Playgrounds on the right.

iPad screenshot with InterviewCake on left and Swift Playgrounds on right

Then I switch to Notes.app when I want to do the “whiteboarding” step.

I’m thinking of posting these playgrounds so others can use them when prepping.