Tired of having to copy-paste SHAs when doing git commands?

If you type :/word, git will return the first commit that contains that word in the first line of the commit message.


Our git log:

0f62ed00 accounts for new line in the title
3665dfcf Wait to display animation until overlay completes animation
e18c97bb adds in a spacer to buffer the top if a lottie is present or not
fab0aac8 pulls in edits to the project file
5e5ba706 adds a 5star stub base, removes dynamic base, removes background colors on the 5star portion, and shrinks stack view width in the storyboard
git diff :/adds^..:/accounts
// Returns the changes made between commit e18c97bb and 0f62ed00 (inclusive)

Notice that it did not include 5e5ba706 which also contains “adds”, because it is the second commit in our history that contains “adds”.

Also, you don’t have to exclusively use the :/word format as all references to checksums as we did in this example. You can mix and match checksums with :/word format. It seems like you can sub it in anywhere you would use the commit’s checksum.